2017 - 2021 Vilnius Academy of arts, Kaunas Faculty, Bachelor of painting.

2008 - 2012 Jonava Janina Miščiukaitė Art School


group exhibitions:

2024.02 "Galvos, kaukės, maskaronai", Energy and Technology Museum, Vilnius.

2023.11 15th Young Painter Prize finalist, Museum of Applied Arts and Design, Vilnius.

2022.12 Alytus biennale "Meno matas 2022. Stebėsenos", Alytus Cultural Centre, Alytus.

2022.07 “pARTy’’, Tempo Space, Kaunas, Kaunas2022.

2022.06 “Kita energija”, Energy and Technology Museum, Vilnius.

2022.04 “Moterims karo metu”, Ardor11 gallery, Vilnius.

2021.06 VDA Kaunas faculty, Painting BA and MA degrees showcase, Jonava Cultural Centre, Jonava,

2021.03 „Laimės diena”, performances , „Meno parkas” gallery, Kaunas,

2020.12 Jonava district artists' exhibition, Jonava Cultural Centre, Jonava,

2020.11 „Poligonas’’, Kaunas Cultural Centre of Various Nations, Kaunas,

2020.02.06 ”Figūra 2020. Piešinys / Kūrinys”, “Arka” gallery, Vilnius,

2019.06 “Kintantis peizažas”, Nida art colony, Nida,

2018.11 “Tapybos gentys” ,Vilnius Academy of arts, Kaunas Faculty,

solo shows:

2021.11 „Šviežios sultys mano apatiniuose“, IRGI gallery, “Įvaizdžio ir stiliaus” loft.

2021.11 „Šviežios sultys mano apatiniuose“, virtual IRGI gallery.


2023.08 "miesto sodų pleneras" participant, VIII fort, Kaunas.

2022.12 Vynvytis studio christmas pop up participant, Kaunas.

2022.08 part of the „Kultūrtonas“ event: open my studio, Vilijampolė, Kaunas 2022

2022.07 “pARTy” group exhibition curator, Tempo Space, Kaunas, Kaunas 2022.

2022.06 My sketches in Meno materija, Kaunas.

2022.03 Art Fair to support Ukrainians, participant, VDA, Kaunas.

2022.03 “CulturEUkraine” openining participant, Kaunas 2022, Central Post Office.

2022.01 Gertrūda Šuminaitė exhibition pop up participant, Naktinis Vilniaus avilys.

2021.12 Gertrūda Šuminaitė exhibition pop up participant, Gangsy Gang studio, Kaunas.

2021.04 “10sek” JCDecaux Lithuania project participant, a short animated film displayed in the digital Vilnius outdoor advertising displays, Vilnius.

2020.07.22 International project ''The Baltic Wild Walls" participant, Klaipėda,

2020.02.22 "Austrių geldelės" competition, first place winner at Vilnius Academy of arts, Kaunas Faculty.


full name Gintarė Konderauskaitė

age 25 (1998)

based in lithuania, kaunas (studio visits available upon request)

call me a contemporary artists or just a painter

love lowercase letters and fresh orange juice

can’t create without my hair up in a ponytail

creating not only the paintings, but also and a sunken (counter) relief sculpture walls

and what about my art??

it's open modern human diary through childish view and nature’s harmony.

nudity, but not erotica. intimacy. naturalness.

a body, nude, just the way we were born, representing experiences, nudity not just about the external human body but also symbolising the inner openness.

oftentimes menstruations appear in my works - it’s the link to life’s cyclicality and being able to accept and not be afraid what happens in life naturally.

i depict myself everywhere, put myself into a different scenario.

composition based on perfect nature harmony.

the depiction method itself is presented childish, pure, open. a happiness of experiencing everything as if for the first time is being relayed.

everything through intuition, subconscious mind.

i believe that art influences us that’s why i choose to radiate only positive energy - i create only when I feel whole.

aaaand how would we do without spices?? a little bit of sarcasm, humour or bravery are necessary in my pieces!!


Lamų slėnis, 2023 Kaunastic, spring

Lamų slėnis, 2022 winter

Grupės menininkų paroda „Kita energija“ Energetikos ir technikos muziejuje


15th Young Painter Prize